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Dentistry in usa?

i ve completed my BDS degree from india,wish to get licence to practice in usa.DO I ve to again do DDS in usa or there are some alternatives course for getting licence

Dentistry in usa?
I think you have you to get your DDS in America. That is the only way insurance companies will put you in their databases.

I don't know about USA. But there are many refresher courses available in Canada. After that you can get your licence.


Dentistry - How long wil it take to know if my tooth has died?

I recently got a blow to the mouth that has resulted to three of my teeth now not having any feeling in them (about 3 weeks ago). My dentist tells me that the teeth may have died due to nerve damage but said only time will tell - he couldnt tell me how long I should leave it before I would know if they wernt going to recover - any ideas?

Dentistry - How long wil it take to know if my tooth has died?
If your teeth are sensitive to hot they are dying, if they are sensitive when biting together they could be dying(or have a cavity), cold sensitivity really isn't that huge of a red flag, sharp or dull pains, having to medicate(Motrin, etc.) due to the pain, are also signs they tooth is dying, abscessing is another sign, your dentist should have taken x-rays..........if he did and didn't see anything around the nerve or the PDL you will probably be fine, if he seen something, you should probably go to the endodontist for a consult, b/c more than likely those teeth are going to need a root canal and crowns......good luck!!
Reply:i think if you teeth star changing color like getting dark then you know they are death
Reply:It could happen at any time, you never know how teeth will react to trauma. If you develop hot/cold sensitivity, pain that keeps you up at night or if the tooth starts to become a darker shade, that's a good sign that your tooth is dying.
Reply:sorry but what about if you eat something hard you mite find so pain or something


Dentistry-high risk of disease and back pain?

are dentists at a high risk of disease and back pain? anyone know the salary difference between dental hygiene and ultrasound technician in WA?

Dentistry-high risk of disease and back pain?
backpain associated with bad posture: yes. Disease?? I suppose if you stabbed your self with something you had touched patients blood with by accident then yes.

Dentistry question?

Im 15 lol and no i dont want to go to the dentist thats why im asking this here

i had 3 teeth extracted in june 2006, i went on a holiday the day after, i was in Uluru and i bought a bag of chips and one of the chips stuck into my jaw...boy did it hurt because my gums hadnt fully healed yet

in the last two days my gum on that side has been swollen to the point were i cant close it properly and i looked at it yesterday and its swollen out to the side quite a bit

what do you think this is?

btw it still hasnt fully healed i don t think because there is still a line were the chip was.

Dentistry question?
Dentist time!
Reply:Go back to your dentist fast!!!!!

Dentistry Vs. Medicine as a career?

Has anyone here had to decide between one or the other? What are the pros to becoming a dentist Vs an MD? Pros? Cons? Personal stories?

Thanks for your opinons.

Dentistry Vs. Medicine as a career?
Dentistry you can set your own hours, choose your own staff and it is more specialzed in one area, however depending on what kind of doctor you are you could have your own clinic if you are specialized you could do the same, if you are a general practice doctor you are not as specialized and may have to work all kinds of hours and days, they are both a type of medicine it just depends on what type you are interested in
Reply:diff is like conductor and driver

DENTISTRY - Teeth filing?

okay. so i dont like my teeth.. at all. and i have photos coming up ... so i was looking into about teeth filing.. like shortening my front teeth.

does anyone know how much this costs and what is done?

will they do it at any age?

DENTISTRY - Teeth filing?
If you dont like the color go whiten them, if they are chipped fill them or reshape them, if they are skew get braces. Shortening your teeth seems drastic as this will prematurely age you. Consult your dentist

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DENTISTRY- Filing down teeth?

where can this be done?

I am 14 years old, will they still do it for me?

aprox. prices?

please :(

DENTISTRY- Filing down teeth?
You are too young, your still growing and your mouth will continue to grow and change. remember we all have different appearance; don't file them, let it look natural..the main thing is keeping them clean!!!

I am sure some dentist would do it, but yourself as GOD made you..
Reply:Agree with first answer.

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